Biogas-to-CNG Compression

Project Description

Eskilstuna Energy & Environment (Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö) is a municipality owned company providing utilities to the district of Eskilstuna. The city of Eskilstuna is known for her environmental awareness and developments. Considering this, the company YIT Vatten & Miljöteknik AB received the order for the lumpsum turnkey delivery of a biogas upgrade installation at the nearby Ekeby sewage plant. The upgraded biogas is used as a fuel for the municipality’s city buses.
As part of this project, CSH supplied a skid mounted electric driven 2-stage reciprocating compressor installation, housed in a noise attenuated enclosure, to compress the cleaned biogas to a storage pressure of about 350 bar.

Customer / End user:
YIT Vatten & Miljöteknik AB / Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö

Eskilstuna – Sweden

System capacity:
450 Nm³/h

Differential pressure:
340 bar(g)

Scope of supply:
One (1) electric driven 2-stage reciprocating compressor package, installed in a noise attenuating enclosure, comprising of:

  • Ariel compressor, type JGP/2
  • Electrical driver Eexde
  • Inlet and discharge filters
  • Gas interstage cooling for 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage
  • Gas discharge cooling
  • Condensate separator
  • Oil lubrication system with circulation pumps and cooling
  • Instrumentation for local and remote readout (signals hard wired to skid edge junction box)
  • Suitable for hazardous area ATEX Zone 2, group IIB, class T3
  • Factory Acceptance Test with site start up, commissioning, and Site Acceptance Test

Biogas-to-CNG compressor package installed inside noise attenuated enclosure

One of the city buses connected to a CNG filling point

CNG storage bottles to store the upgraded raw biogas