Biogas-to-CNG Compression

Project Description

The Swedish city of Luleå produces biogas by digesting the municipality’s sewage sludge and residual products from nearby industry. The gas is used as fuel for the local passenger coaches and the municipalities own fleet of cars. Luleå has now more that 150 vehicles that run on the self produced biogas, which is about half of the municipality’s fleet of vehicles.

The Biogas Upgrade facility was awarded to Cirmac International, for which CSH has delivered two electric driven oil injected screw compressor packages to compress the upgraded biogas for further distribution.

Customer / End user:
Cirmac International B.V. / Luleå Municipality

Luleå, Sweden

System capacity:
238 Nm³/h

Differential pressure:
17.5 bar(g)

Scope of supply:
Two (2) skid mounted electric driven oil injected screw compressor packages, each comprising of:

  • Gardner Denver compressor, type SSHG
  • Electrical driver
  • Inlet and discharge scrubbers
  • Gas cooling system
  • Condensate separator
  • Oil cooling system
  • Instrument signals hard wired to skid edge JB’s
  • Suitable for hazardous area ATEX Zone 2, group IIB, class T3
  • Factory Acceptance Test with site start up, commissioning, and Site Acceptance Test

Both Biogas-to-CNG Compressor skids installed at site

Top view of one of the compressor skids at site

Rear view of one of the compressor skids at motor end