Fuel Gas Boosters

Project Description

Two fuel gas boosters to increase the fuel gas pressure to the level required for a gas turbine or gas engine.


Package design data:

MEDIUM: NATURAL GAS (free from dirt and liquid droplets)
Inlet pressure = 4 bara
Inlet temperature: +8°C
Outlet pressure = 13 bara
Nominal speed: 2975 rpm
Mass flow: 2592 kg/h
Suction flow: 831 am3/h

General package scope of supply

  • Oil injected Howden rotary screw compressor Model WCV 163.145.26
  • Motor, main drive FLSD 315 LA Leroy Somer 132kW, 400V, 50Hz, 3000rpm, IM B3, IP55, II2G Eex d II B T4
  • Frequency Controller MDS 180T-IP21 Leroy Somer EN954-1, IP21, incl. main switch, 400V, 3ph, Heavy duty 132 kW, 76 +/- 2 dB(A)
  • Oil separator T61, 22 bar, 0/+120 °C Design AD2000 (CE/PED), Nobo: TUV
  • Double oil filter, incl. 3 way change over valve Duplex Filter BFD 100.260.02-DN25-GJS400-18 Boll & Kirch Filtration from inside to outside, incl 25 mu paper start-up filters (2 off)
  • Oil pump MNP 36/36 HYDROLUB Maag ATEX certified, 69 ltr/min, overflow valve 8 bar
  • Air-cooled oil cooler Type 14/14-2C15-HT-25 Bronswerk Heat Transfer
  • PLC + Profibus Siemens  S7-300 Profibus: 6ES7 314-6CG03
  • Valves and instrumentation
  • All mounted into a 20 ft container


For more information, please contact our sales team at csh@compressorsystems.com or +31 347 324610.