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In the transition to carbon-neutral energy production, the power generation industry can reduce its emissions significantly by shifting from coal and heavy fuel oil to natural gas. In addition, gas which would otherwise have been flared or vented, can be used for the production of energy. CSH provides gas compression solutions for fuel gas treatment and pressure boosting to support the power generation industry during the energy transition.

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Gas compression solutions

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Fuel Gas Boosting

Project Description P3P is an organization that develops, operates and maintains both their own and third party sites in the energy, waste and vertical farming sectors in the United Kingdom. For the Macketts Land Nursery, on the Isle of Wight, P3P developed a...

Custom-built solutions

With a proven track record, CSH is able to support you in controlling and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases originating from your industrial processes. On our projects page you can find examples of solutions we have delivered.

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