Biogas Compressor containerised

We successfully delivered a biogas compressor installation including heat recovery system for a project in the United Kingdom.

This installation, including control and gas treatment, is completely placed in a sound and thermal insulated ISO 40ft high cube container.
The compressor is used to compress low-pressure biogas up to 15Bar(g) with a capacity up to 2800Nm³/Hr, regulated by variable speed drive of e-motor in combination with a bypass control system. By means of a filtration- / dew point control line, this gas can be used in various areas, ranging from injecting it into the local gas network to fuel for the generation of electrical- and thermal energy.
Technically, this project is designed on the basis of ATEX-/PED regulations and certification.


WEG e-motor 630 kW @ 1500 rpm (Variable Speed Drive)


Rotorcomp EVO76 oil injected rotary screw compressor


2800 Nm3/h

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