Green Gas Grid Injection

Project Description

Schoongas Sint Nicholaasga is a joint venture of Biolease (nowadays GrienR), DMT, and Agradu. An existing biogas installation was acquired, upgraded and complemented with a Green Gas installation to supply the upgraded biogas to the national gas grid. The upgraded facility produces more than 2.3 million3 of renewable natural gas annually, which is sufficient to supply all households in the nearby village Sint Nicolaasga with natural gas.

DMT Environmental Technology B.V. was responsible for upgrading the existing biogas installation and the supply of the Green Gas system. As the national gas grid operates in this region at a pressure of 40 bar, CSH supplied a system with a reciprocating compressor, which was oil free to prevent contamination of the national grid with oil traces.

Customer / End user:
DMT Environmental Technology B.V. / Schoongas Sint Nicolaasga B.V.

Sint Nicolaasga, The Netherlands

System capacity:
320 Nm³/h

Differential pressure:
35.2 bar(g)

Scope of supply:
One (1) skid mounted electric driven reciprocating compressor package, comprising of:

  • Corken oil free compressor , type THG602EF
  • Pressure type crankcase lubrication system integral to compressor block
  • Electrical driver ExnA with frequency drive
  • Water cooled gas inter and after cooler
  • Heavy duty gas discharge coalescing filters
  • PLC based control system for local and remote control
  • Suitable for hazardous area ATEX Zone 2G, Gas group IIB, T3
  • Factory acceptance test with site start up, commissioning, and site acceptance test

3D impression of Green Gas Grid Injection skid

Compression installation seen from compressor non driven end side during assembly

Compressor skid seen from the side at the CSH workshop