Emission Control

Flare Gas Recovery

Flare Gas Recovery is accomplished by a gas compression system retrieving gases that would otherwise be flared. In addition, these recovered gases can be treated so they can be used as fuel for energy production or feedstock for further hydrocarbon processing.


Vapor Recovery

Flash Gas is generated when light hydrocarbons, dissolved in crude oil or condensate, ‘flash out’ as a result of a pressure drop during hydrocarbon processing or loading/ unloading of a storage tank. Typically, a venting apparatus is used in these vessels, to prevent damage arising from pressure fluctuations, with the negative side effect of harmful emissions escaping to the atmosphere. By installing a Vapor Recovery Unit these light hydrocarbons are not vented but converted into more valuable products or fuel for onsite power generation.


CSH compression solutions Liquid Gas Transfer

Wellhead Gas Gathering

Depleted wells may still produce wellhead gas quantities that are worth recovering. A wellhead gas gathering system is used to collect, treat, and pressurize the gas for Gas compression solutions for an emission free future injection into a medium or high-pressure pipeline. With our compression solutions you increase your gas well productivity and profitability.

Tail Gas Recovery

Tail gas is a waste gas stream, originating from hydrocarbon processing or a sulfur recovery process. It typically contains combustible traces and sulfur compounds. Often this tail gas is burned in an incineration unit, but it can also be treated in a Tail Gas Recovery unit for further desulfurization. CSH offers gas compression solutions that are able to withstand the aggressive nature of tail gases.

Our latest projects for Emission Control

Custom-built solutions

With a proven track record, CSH is able to support you in controlling and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases originating from your industrial processes. On our projects page you can find examples of solutions we have delivered.

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