The journey on the way to a society with net-zero greenhouse gases, based on hydrogen as an energy carrier will require a mix of energy sources. Renewable energy, and more specifically biomass, is one of these pillars in the energy mix. One form of biomass energy is biogas, which is produced by the digestion of organic matter, such as agricultural waste, sewage, food waste or other organic raw materials. CSH provides gas compression solutions for the upgrading of biogas to so-called Green Gas for local consumption or injection into a gas grid.

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Biogas, Renewables

Green Gas Grid Injection

Project Description Water company Waternet is responsible for the supply of drinking water and treatment of sewage in Amsterdam and surrounding areas. One of the existing sewage treatment plants, is enhanced with a biogas upgrade plant to produce Green Gas....

Biogas, Renewables

Green Gas Grid Injection

Project Description Waalwijk Biomass Combination is a project for the generation of sustainable energy at the Ecopark in Waalwijk. The park combines three different forms of sustainable energy on a large scale: solar energy, wind energy and energy from biomass. For...

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With a proven track record, CSH is able to support you in controlling and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases originating from your industrial processes. On our projects page you can find examples of solutions we have delivered.

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