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Fossil fuels are the main contributors to global warming. But the Oil & Gas industry itself also has a significant share in GHG emissions. The industry is responsible for combustion gases, uncombusted fugitive emissions and releases of fluorinated gases arising from firefighting and refrigeration systems. CSH provides solutions to cut down flaring and recover vapors, in order to reduce the emission of harmful gases.

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Our latest projects in the Oil & Gas Industry

Offshore Fuel Gas Boosting

Project Description

For the development of the Lancaster field on the UK Continental Shelf, Hurricane Energy plc has foreseen an Early Production System consisting of two wells tied...

Tail Gas Recovery

Project Description

The Danube Refinery has a vacuum distillation unit to separate the atmospheric crude tower residue to produce heavy, medium, and light gas oil as well as...

Custom-built solutions

With a proven track record, CSH is able to support you in controlling and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases originating from your industrial processes. On our projects page you can find examples of solutions we have delivered.

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