Custom-built to meet your requirements

We operate from our modern premises in the Netherlands, with advanced engineering, workshop, and testing facilities. We design, assemble, and supply custom-built solutions in the field of positive displacement compression. After delivery, our team of service engineers provide local commissioning, training, and maintenance at our customer sites globally.

Market standards and specifications

With decades of experience, we have built up knowledge of the markets in which we operate and about the compression solutions to solve your challenges. Whether it is a rotary vane, a screw, or a reciprocating compressor; driven by an electric motor, diesel, or gas engine. All our solutions are designed and manufactured according to customer needs and industry requirements (API/ATEX/PED/ASME) ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

To ensure the highest quality, we manage our projects and processes following our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.



CSH inhouse engineering

In-house electrical and mechanical (3D) engineering.

Test facilities

CSH compression solutions Test Facilities.jpg

Full flow and pressure test capabilities for gases.


CSH mechanical and electrical workshop and welding area

Mechanical and electrical workshop with paint booth and dedicated welding area.

Custom-built solutions

With a proven track record, CSH is able to support you in controlling and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases originating from your industrial processes. On our projects page you can find examples of solutions we have delivered.

More information about how we can help you solve your challenges? Please feel free to contact us directly or via our contact pageYou can also download our brochure

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