Hydrodiesel (a CSH company) introduces newest solution: the Hi-Flo System for Flood Control

Hydrodiesel has developed a mobile, ready to use Hi-Flo System to support you in reducing the risk and impact of flooding. The system is an excellent solution for pumping away large volumes of floodwater caused by heavy rainfall or for dewatering projects. This installation can also be used as an irrigation tool during droughts and for fire control of large forest fires.

The pumps are diesel hydraulic driven and therefore do not depend on electricity. The pumps have a displacement capacity of 2 x 2,500 cubic meters per hour (2 x 41,600 liters per minute). That makes a total of 83,200 liters per minute at a discharge head of 17 meters liquid column.

With the addition of a booster pump the system can transport large volumes of water over very long distances. The required 12 inch pressure hoses (each 100 meters long) are supplied on a hose reel.

The system can be custom-built to meet your requirements and can be deployed rapidly, enabling a swift response in an emergency situation. We deliver three different configurations: on a trailer, a 20 foot semi-permanent container, or a container with a hook arm system.

For more information on our emergency pump system, please watch the introductory film and the Flood Control page on our website.  These explain the possibilities of the Hi-Flo System and allow you to see the system in operation during a test carried out by Hydrodiesel. 

Our Sales team, Leon Zwijnenburg and Rob Versteeg will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us directly at +31 347 745600 or via info@hydrodiesel.com